Alam El-Benaa

Alam El-Benaa , a monthly architectural magazine

( From 1980 to 2000 )

Alam El-Benaa Magazine is published by “ The Society of Planning and Architectural Heritage Revival ” . It is the first Arabic architectural magazine of its kind and is issued monthly for the public as well as architects and designers. Its aim is to upgrade the architectural, planning and urban atmosphere of the Arab city and to create an intellectual heritage between scientific architectural concepts and the common social consciousness. The magazine covers a variety of subjects in different scientific and technical fields, edited in Arabic with summaries in English. An advertising synopsis on architectural working products is included in each issue. The magazine is distributed both locally and internationally.

  • Editor-in-chief: Dr.Mohamed Abdelbaki Ibrahim.
  • Editing Manager: Arch.Hoda Fawzy

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Alam El-Benaa has an article in every issue check table for published articles

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