CPAS Profile

The Center for Planning and Architectural Studies (CPAS) established in 1980 is considered to be the first integrated center of its kind in the Arab World. Since 2004 CPAS is registered as an “Expertise House in Engineering Consultation” (No.19), at the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate. It works along two parallel lines:
– The first is in the field of Engineering Consultation Services – architecture,
planning, structural, infrastructure, roads, electro-mechanical and landscaping – in
Egypt and Arab countries.

 – The second is in the field of training, research, publications and specialized studies including pre-investment and feasibility studies, assets and environmental impact assessment .



The main objective of CPAS is the revival of deep-rooted cultural values in
contemporary Arab architecture, in addition to the polarization and application of
advanced technology and its utilization in projects of urban development.



CPAS vision is to spread internationally and its consultancy activities to expand to
cover all aspects of urban development, taking into consideration the important
feature of preservation of the local character and culture in contemporary


Strategic Objectives

To contribute to Arab & local community development in a comprehensive way
through improvement of physical, urban, and architectural environment.
To enhance the capacity of Arab, local and in-house engineers in order to
comprehend and adopt CPAS mission.

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