Mohamed Abdelbaki, Professor and Head of the Urban Planning Department at the Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University, said that the population census for any country is either an added value or a calamity for it, and unfortunately in Egypt, it is a disaster for the state due to the high rates of illiteracy, the high level of unemployment and the lack of investments directed to the industrial and agricultural sectors.

The professor of urban planning has put his prescription to face this increase by paying attention to education programs and pre-university education, as well as directing the state’s investments towards industry and agriculture because it is the basis for the renaissance of any society. Moreover, by urging some economic measures to limit population growth, such as lifting support for the third child and imposing economic restrictions on families that have more than two children.

He later added: “The state should make it clear to the civil society that its plans to re-structure urbanization and the proposed map of national projects in order to gain the society’s support, especially in providing information that is useful in building a map of functional and sustainable national projects; particularly the pressing issue of population, based on real numbers, and thus directing urbanization towards better horizons. In addition to imposing strong oversight on the performance of officials, holding them accountable in case of negligence, and directing them to the correct path”.