Prof. Dr. Hazem Mohamed Ibrahim

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Prof. Dr. Hazem Mohamed Ibrahim


  • Professor of urban planning – Urban planning department – Faculty of Engineering – Al-Azhar University – (1982 -1988).
  • Technical director and co-partner in the Center of Planning and Architectural Studies and member of its board of directors.
  • Co-Partner and Deputy Editor in the architectural and planning Magazine ‘Alam Al-Benaa’.
  • Member of the Society for Revival of Planning & Architectural Heritage in Cairo.
  • Member of the Higher Committee on the norms and planning standards of Egyptian towns 1986.
  • PH.D. in Town plannin g at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1969.
  • M.A. (Hons.) on Town planning, Budapest University 1967.
  • B.Arch. (Hons.) – Architecture department- Faculty of Engineering – “ Ain-Shams University ” 1964.
  • Urban planning expert, United Nations – (1976-1980) Assistant professor of planning, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University , (1976-1982).
  • Director of researches and studies department, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs – Saudi Arabia , (1974-1976).
  • Lecturer in Urban planning, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University , (1970-1976).
  • Demonstrator, Urban planning department, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University , (1964-1970).
  • UN expert in the third region development center, at Ismailia 1984.
  • Head of the department of studies and researches, at Saudi Ministry of Municipal Affairs (1976-1980).
  • Author of several erudite books on planning Islamic communities and building industries.
  • Contributed in a multitude of studies and designs of planning and architectural projects, both in Egypt and Saudi Arabia Kingdom.
  • Drew up planning standards for the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in Saudi Arabia Kingdom, 1976.
  • Participated in training the Egyptian Local agencies in the fields of urban planning and both architectural and executive designing.
  • Took part in drafting studies on organization of the planning departments at the local authorities.
  • Contributed in working out manuals for the benefit of the Ministry of Housing.
  • Submitting research papers to many different conferences both local and international.
  • Fayoum Governorate regional, tourist, and plan” jointly with Finnish Fin Planco Company.
  • Detailed Planning for the selected sites: A, B, E in Jeddah 1982. Urban Planning and design of the National Rice Institute, the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, 10 feddans, 1982.
  • Planning of the tourist village and mak ing the feasibility study of the Defreswar area, to New Ismailia Company, “Misr for Investment and Tourism” – 1982.
  • Planning and feasibility study to the Tourist Center, AL- Ahram St. , to the Egyptian National Bank, department of investment trustees 1981.
    Planning and feasibility study of Ma’maoua tourist center, private investors, 1981. Member of the technical steering committee for both cities of Al-Riyadh and Al-Tayef, and the responsible expert on the part of Saudi government to supervise the planning work of both cities during the period 1976-1980.
  • Planning the historical central area in Al-Tayef city, Saudi Arabia 1976. Planning the village of Dareen and the village of Tarout in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia Kingdom , 1975.
  • Regional planning of the Tarout Island on the Arab Gulf, Saudi Arabia, 1974. Participation in the competition of planning the city of Luxor , 1973, and receiving an “encouragement award”
  • Contribution to the project of Aswan Governorate regional planning, 1964-1965.
  • “Defining the Hospitals volume of the cities”, ‘Alam Al-field of town planning Benaa’ Magazine, October, 1982.
  • “Development of old housing area”, ‘Alam al- Benaa’ Magazine, September 1982.
  • “Health facilities planning and designing”, ‘Alam al-Benaa’ Magazine, February 1982.
  • “A study of opening up a thoroughfare inside an existing urban area’, ‘Alam Al-Benaa’ Magazine, January 1982.
  • “Greater recreational parks’, ‘Alam Al-Benaa’ Magazine, September 1981.
  • “Shaping the Urban environment in the desert regions”, ‘Alam Al-Benaa’ Magazine, June 1981.
  • “Urban development in the desert regions”, ‘Alam Al-Benaa’ Magazine, March 1981.
  • A printed book entitled “Planning Standards for Mosques’ a manual compiled to the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Saudi Arabia , jointly with the Development Program of the United Nations, 1979.
  • A book entitled “Preparation of land-plotting layouts”, a final draft of a manual compiled to the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Saudi Arabia, jointly with the Development Program of the United Nations 1980.
  • A paper entitled “A Study of the Relation between the Islamic Religion and the City with its Material and social aspects”, conference of Islamic Architecture- King Faisal University at Dammam- Saudi Arabia- 1980.
  •  A paper in English entitled “Integrated projects as a means to solve the housing problem and to plan the dwelling areas – An applied study on Saudi Arabia” conference of planning, financing and setting up housing projects, International University of Florida and the International Union for Housing Sciences, 1979.

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