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BIM Arabia Magazine

BIM Arabia Magazine BIM Arabia 1 BIM Arabia 2 BIM Arabia 3 BIM Arabia 4 العدد العاشر العدد الحادى عشر العدد الثانى عشر العدد الثالث عشر العدد الرابع عشر العدد الخامس عشر العدد السادس عشر العدد السابع عشر العدد الثامن عشر العدد الاول العدد الثانى العدد الثالث العدد الرابع العدد الخامس العدد السادس العدد السابع [...]
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Alam El-Benaa Magazine

Alam El-Benaa A monthly Architectural Magazine (From 1980 to 2000) Alam El-Benaa Magazine is published by “The Society of Planning and Architectural Heritage Revival” . It is the first Arabic architectural magazine of its kind and is issued monthly for the public as well as architects and designers. Its aim is to upgrade the architectural, planning [...]
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