Dr. Hesham El shemy

Dr. Hesham ElShemy

Alexandria University

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تكنولوجيا البناء – منهج لقياس و رفع الكفاءة الإقتصادية لتنفيذ الإسكان منخفض التكاليف بمصر


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Integral Feasibility studies are the tools of ruling continual development in the new urban societies in Egypt

Study of urban housing development projects: The general planning of Alexandria City 2017

Evaluation of national planning for Lebanon development towards designing a Management system for the natural environmental resources and built environment Case study of national planning of Lebanon and regional planning of Beirut

A new scope of view upon the methodical strategy of developing situated urban societies in Egyptian large governorates. Practical analytical study for the possibility of urban separation of Borg El Arab city from Alexandria governorate

The mechanism of choosing the suitable construction system matching with sustainable development An applied analytical study on a project of “Adrar Amlal” hotel in Gaafar oasis”at Siwa in Egypt

Measuring the economical returns from developing areas of architecture heritage – A Tutelage practical study for the project of developing the street of “El Moeaz” in Fatimid Cairo

Evaluation the Economical Outputs of Sustainable Heritage Areas in Metropolis An Empirical Study Analytical beards Turkish city of Alexandria

Towards new approach of tourism development of historical sites An Empirical Study for the El Darb El Ahmar area

Sustainable Development Criteria Set for theTransportation Hubs of the National Association of Provinces Planning The Corridor of Development and Reconstruction Lifeline Transportation Proposal for Sustainable Development Integrated with the Artery of the Nile Valley in Egypt

THE PRACTICES OF UTOPIA AND THE POLITICS OF TRADITION-Mechanisms of sustainability strategic plan for New Alexandria – An analytical study using S.W.O.T system

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